Life-Easing Trick: Why Rolling Clothes Is Better Than Folding Them

Life-Easing Trick: Why Rolling Clothes Is Better Than Folding Them

Every time before taking off on a trip, we have been faced with the dilemma of ‘how to pack clothes’, so we can fit maximum clothes into limited space. do we fold them or do we roll them? It is a million dollar question when it comes to packing your clothes for a long trip. We have the answer – roll them! It is a tried and tested method. Following are three main reasons why rolling clothes for packing will never disappoint you.

Space Management

Life-Easing Trick

Indeed, when it comes to packing a lot of clothes in one bag, rolling saves the day! It manages space in the bag in the best way. In fact, there can be instances when you will be left with extra space in your bag at times. Rolling helps to compress the clothes so they fit perfectly in a confined space perfectly. Folding, on the other hand, covers more surface area of your backpack and/or suitcase. When it comes to packing a backpack, without a second thought use rolling method for your clothes.

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Rolling Clothes

This one factor entirely depends on how well you roll your clothes. First, you must flatten your clothes, fold them properly in a long rectangular shape and then start rolling them. This will help you give a proper and compressed roll to your clothes. Silks, especially, should be flattened, loosely wrapped in a cotton sheet, and then rolled to avoid pressure-folding. If you are carrying ironed and folded clothes, roll the folds. This avoids pressure-folds to develop and creasing of clothes and you also do not need to iron them before use.

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Makes Clothes More Accessible

Rolling Clothes

Storing rolled clothes in your backpack or suitcase automatically compartmentalise your luggage. You can easily store other stuff in your bag without messing them with each other. What’s best? Rolled clothes are easy to access since you don’t need a major huffing and puffing while pulling them out from the folded stacks. The good compressed rolls and not easily messed-up with, hence rolled clothes can easily browsed-through with having a major tousle.

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