Learn Step-By-Step Hair Tutorial: Faux (False) Bob

What do you do when you love both short and long hair? Maybe sometimes you feel like flaunting a bob but not ALL the time? Here’s the solution! A step-by-step tutorial for a faux (false) bob.

Step 1

Detangle your towel dried hair with a wide tooth comb. Apply liberal amounts of HD Curl Curl-Defining Leave-In Cream evenly throughout the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, working up towards the roots.

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Step 2

Take a small amount of a natural hold gel and scrunch it into the ends of the hair to give weight and definition.

Step 3

Attach your diffuser to your hair dryer, keep the setting on low speed and medium heat. Gather the lengths of your hair into the diffuser and dry hair section by section.

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Step 4

Section off your hair above the ears using a tail comb and secure with sectioning clips. Using a teaser brush, backcomb the roots of the lower portion of your hair. Take the end of your hair, twist it and roll the hair towards the nape of your neck. Secure with the use of bob pins.

Step 5

On-clip the top hair and allow it to fall over the nape. Complete the bob by twisting pieces of your excess long hair around a u-pin and secure it into the volume at the nape. Continue this action, until all the long hair is pinned up, making sure you maintain a bob silhouette.

With inputs from Adhuna Bhabhani, Creative Director and Founder, BBlunt

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