How To Select The Best Pair Of Running Shoe

Finding the best-fitting shoe among the many choices at your local running store isn't always easy. To ensure you walk out with happy feet, you need to make sure the shoe fits properly from heel to toe. Here's how you can find the perfect running shoe!

How To Select The Best Pair Of Running Shoe
Take your weight into account:
The heavier you are, the greater the impact between your foot and the ground will be. This increase in impact may require you to purchase shoes with additional support, even if your foot-type is neutral and you normally would not be advised in that way.

Receive a professional evaluation for your feet:

Many speciality running stores now have equipment that can analyse your gait (how you walk/run) and your foot type. This will help you to know whether or not you need support to prevent your foot from rolling inward (also called pronating).

Identify the kind of running you will do:

It’s important that you don’t accidentally buy athletic shoes that aren’t designed expressly for running. There are many different categories of athletic shoes, like training shoes or walking shoes, though these are no ideal for indoor, track, cross country, sprint, or distance running.

Consider the surface you will be running on:

This will significantly influence what kind of shoe will be best for your foot. For instance, if you are running on a track or court specially designed to be flat and offer grip, you won’t need extra traction on your shoe.

Consult a doctor about injuries and physical impairments:

You may have an injury that influences your gait or a physical impairment that does the same. In both these instances, you should check with your doctor as to what kind of shoes would offer the best support and running experience with you.


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