How To Kiss And Nibble On His Ears

How To Kiss And Nibble On His Ears

Did you know your partner’s favourite place to get kissed are his ears (of course apart from his lips)? Well, just so you know they are and when you kiss or nibble him on his ears, he has all those sensations to make him feel good. If wondering how to so, where to start or what to do, we have got you covered!

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Read on for some kissing techniques to use on your sweetie’s ears!

How to begin?

When you want to go from kissing their lips to kissing their ear don’t just stop kissing their lips and then start kissing their ear. Keep in contact with their skin by tracing up their jawbone with your tongue with little sensual kisses.

Where to kiss exactly?

His jawbone leads up to that sexy little area behind their earlobe that is often ignored. When you get there, flicker your tongue behind their earlobe in that crevice between the back of the lobe and their skin. This will surely give him some tingly sensations!

What should you take care of?

Make sure you moisten the tip of your tongue and use it to gently trace around the rim of his ear. As well, flicker your tongue on, under and around his earlobe.

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What else can you do?

Apart from some slow kisses you can take his earlobe between your lips and suck on it for a moment. Trace his ear with your tongue so that it becomes moist, then blow softly on the moistened skin. This will give him a cool, tingly, sensation. Suck in air instead of blowing for a hot sensation! Whisper sweet or sexy things in his ear while kissing him. Something dirty works the best!

What to avoid?

Avoid actually sticking your tongue into his ear canal. Some make like it, but some find it gross! So be sure about his likes before you make the move. Don’t directly kiss on his ear. The sound it makes can be surprisingly painful when applied over one’s ear canal!

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