How To Keep The Sexual Fire Burning

Inculcate these five Es in your sex life and keep your carnal fire burning.

How To Keep The Sexual Fire Burning

You might not be getting time to give time to your partner. But never forget that quality is more important than quantity. There is an art about the way you two are with each other, especially during the act. Here are 5 Es – the five tips to keep the carnal fire burning between you two.



Imagine… Have a vision, have an insight. Know what he likes… imagine what he might like in bed. Imagination leads to variety. And variety, as said by great elders, is a spice of life. Envisaging once in a while will definitely break the mold of monotonous activities.

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Exploring Partner

Explore each other, get acknowledged. Exploring will help you broaden your mental horizons, and you both will break the mental barriers. Letting in what you envisage will be possible much easier with this.


Sex Experiments

Do not think, simply experiment. Do not think about the end result, just go with the flow. Experimenting will again broaden your horizons. You will know what you both are capable of.

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Experienced Sex

Learn from experience, filter the bad experiments out – you have room for more to come. The end-result of experience is always knowledge. Experience the lows and the highs, the initials and the climaxes.



In the end, you both will be in sync with each other. But do not stay there; do not let stagnation hold you back from envisaging further. Evolve and continue the cycle.

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