Karva Chauth 2018: Prepare To Fast With These 4 Simple Health Tips

Make sure your body is prepared for a full day's fast.

Karva Chauth 2018: Prepare To Fast With These 4 Simple Health Tips

It is Karva Chauth tomorrow; and in your attempt to squeeze in time for all the preps, you might just end up sleeping lesser, or skipping a meal or two a day before the festival. But so you sail through Karva Chauth day like a dream, here are four simple but absolutely essential tips to prepare your body for this Karva Chauth fast.

Healthy Diet A Day Prior

Healthy Diet

With Karva Chauth falling on the weekend, the day is likely to be less hectic. But then Karva Chauth fast is a whole day fast which can be broken only when the moon ‘comes out’ at night! Therefore, your have to be physically fit and prepared for the same! Hence, on the previous day, make sure you have 3 proper square meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) so that your body is satiated with enough nutrients on the fasting day. Make sure you have one portion of carbohydrates in at least 2 of the 3 meals on the previous day. Carbohydrates break down slower than the other macronutrients, hence, taking more time to get fully digested and converted into energy.

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Get Plenty Of Sleep 

Plenty Of Sleep 

Friday night (the night before the auspicious day) make sure you get ample of sleep – at least 7-8 hours. Ample of sleep will help regulate your blood circulation and give you enough time to get over any mental and/or physical stress of the last few days. Not only that, you will definitely feel amazing and absolutely fresh when you wake up on Karva Chauth, all complete with a natural glow on the skin.

Drink Plenty Of Water


Since traditionally Karva Chauth fast is an absolute fast – strictly no food-no water – it is very essential to keep your body enough hydrated before you start the fast. In fact, drink as much as water your tummy can bear (without any discomfort, of course) because making a few more trips to the washroom is any time better than feeling dehydrated. Also, loading up on water-content will also help your body stay hydrated when you sweat in the hot and humid October weather. For better and nutritious hydration, opt for infused water by adding sliced lemons, cucumbers and slightly crushed mint leaves.

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Consult A Doctor

Health Tips

Before doing the fast, consult your doctor, especially if you are pregnant and/or feeling or showing any symptoms of physical irregularities.

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