Kareena Kapoor Khan And Saif Ali Khan’s Son Taimur’s Cutest Vacation Pictures

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s toddler son Taimur Ali Khan, who is on his first international holiday in Gstaad, has made headlines once again for his adorable pictures which have gone viral and are spreading like wildfire.

The couple and their little prince took off on their first family trip to Switzerland. The Khan’s, who head to the breathtaking town of Gstaad every year, took their 7-month-old baby along for his first trip abroad. Cradled comfortably in his daddy’s arms, Taimur stared at the flashing cameras as he was carried into the Mumbai airport, with mommy Kareena, leading the way.

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Seven months old Taimur, has already become a known personality in the tinsel town and this picture is one for the keeps. The click of Saif holding Taimur in his arms and planting a kiss on his forehead is by far the most adorable picture we’ve seen of the two till date. Dressed in a white tux, daddy Saif is nailing it with his dapper look while his little price looks adorable in his nautical striped onesie.

Saif who is currently neck deep in work with projects like ‘Kaalakaandi’, ‘Chef’ and ‘Baazaar’ has taken some time off to be with his family before he and wife Kareena get busy with their work projects.

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This vacation is surely a special one, fit for a king as the doting parents have gone all out and booked themselves a suite in the Royal Gstaad Palace for their two-week stay.

For the long trip to Gstaad, Taimur was seen swaddled in a blanket and was also seen sporting a new hairdo. It is undoubtedly the best looking family of Bollywood right now!

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