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Jacqueline Fernandez Is Revealing Her Beauty Secrets Here


What’s the secret to your gorgeous hair? What kind of hairstyles do you opt for on a bad-hair day?

I’m fortunate to have been blessed with good genes. However, maintaining a beauty regime amidst our crazy schedules is a tough task. So, I make sure to get my basics right which involves a healthy diet, lots of water, and a good shampoo and conditioner. Currently, my cheat code to getting gorgeous healthy hair is the new TRESemmé Botanique range. I absolutely love the all-natural formula enriched with ingredients such as olive oil and camellia which nourishes and replenishes my hair giving it a natural shine.

Are there are any beauty treatments that you practice after a long day’s work?

The first thing that I do after a long day of work is to remove my make-up to let my skin breathe. Sleeping with your make-up on is an absolute no-no. Also, a simple detox formula that works wonders for me is a glass of lukewarm water with a spoon of apple cider vinegar in it. Another cool tip which helps my skin relax and freshen-up is applying ice cubes wrapped in a muslin cloth all over my face. I also follow a sort of ‘mini hair care routine’, where I steam, wash and shampoo and condition my hair.

What’s your daily beauty regime like? Which beauty products do you swear by?

I am naturally into fitness, and this helps me maintain healthy skin and hair. I cannot stress enough on eating healthy and drinking lots of water. A healthy diet does not need to be anything fancy. Things like coconut water, fruits and salads can work wonders by helping you detox. And anyone who knows me would know that my favourite pastime is working out, especially doing yoga. I feel, with the increasing stress and changing lifestyles, a fit body is no longer a good-to-have thing in our lives.

Coming to beauty products, I believe in ‘less is more’. So, I try to use minimal makeup on my skin allowing it to breathe. I am very particular about following basic skin and hair care must-dos like using a good sunscreen while stepping out and using a shampoo and conditioner which gives me all-around care and nourishment.

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With so much stress and work pressure, how do you de-stress and pamper yourself? 

Stress is a part of all our lives. How we deal with it and channelize it to do amazing work is what is more important. Therefore, I try to not let the stress get to me. For me, meditation and working out are two fantastic ways of de-stressing. And then you always have your friends and family to pamper you when you feel low.

What are the 5 must-have make-up products in your bag?

At any given point, you will always find a good sun block, lip butter, a deep-colored kajal or an eyeliner, 1-2 bright, bubbly lipsticks or lip pouts and a nude foundation in my bag.

Quick questions:

Fashion to you is… Experimental yet comfortable

Your favourite fashion designer… Stella McCartney

Your style statement… Comfortably Chic

Your guilty indulgences… Dark Chocolates (Occasionally)

Your life mantra… Be positive and focused on all the good things in life

The craziest look that you have tried… I had to sport an Afro one of the shoots

A hair colour you always wanted to try… Rainbow maybe…

Your preferred fragrance… A little bit of sweetness yet blend in some zesty citrus



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