It’s All About Loving Your Parents!

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It’s All About Loving Your Parents!



Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar has become the single parent of twins — a girl and a boy— born through surrogacy last month. The civic officials said the births were registered with its public health department on Friday.

“The birth registrations were done on Friday,” BMC executive health officer Dr Padmaja Keskar said. TOI confirmed this from the central government website for birth and death registrations. The twins were born at Masrani Hospital in Andheri (West) on February 7. However, Johar hasn’t yet informed the BMC about the names of his children. A high-ranking BMC official said the children were registered in their birth record as a “baby girl” and “baby boy”. Johar’s close friend actor Shah Rukh Khan ‘s third baby, AbRam, too, was born in the same hospital to a surrogate mother.

Civic officials said the birth registration details listed Johar as the children’s father, but there is no mention of the mother’s name. The BMC has taken the declaration of Dr Masrani and his infertility clinic about the birth.

40 minutes earlier Karan himself has announced this over a tweet…


So he named his babies after his parents. Yash for the boy after his father and Roohi, as an anagram of his mother’s name Hiroo.

Congratulations Karan! You have made the famous tagline of one of your productions ‘It’s all about loving your parents’ come true through Yash and Roohi.


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