Interesting SEX Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know!

Interesting SEX Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know!

You might be getting a lot of action in the bedroom but do you know these crazy facts about the sexual act? From the naming of this popular sex positions and finding out who orgasm first to the discovery of vibrators, below are some mind-blowing facts about sex that you probably didn’t know about!

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  • Sex helps fight off common colds since your body pumps more blood and aids in reducing stress and improving your mood with an orgasm.
  • Women can actually make their voice sound sexier! Unlike men, the female species is capable of altering their voice to sound more pleasing to their partners. And if men tried doing that, they just sound worse than usual.
  • There are certain days dedicated to sex! Yes! There are specific days in raising awareness about several sex positions, masturbation and orgasms. Surprisingly there is also a whole month dedicated to Anal Sex! There was even an advertisement for anal sex month way back in the 1930s and 1940s.

Sex Facts

  • Vibrators are not a new thing! They were invented in 1869! Like literally the year vibrators were created it had the popular 69 sex position. Talk about coincidence!
  • Before the battery operated vibrators, there were steam powered sex toys. They were later replaced by hand-cranked versions and later on by battery operated ones.

69 position

  • Did you know when the 69 position became so popular? It was discovered and named such by the French in 1970s. They also gave us the French kiss or the tongue kiss.
  • Ever seen the Ying and Yang symbol? The Chinese symbol is a replication of the 69 position.

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  • Men orgasm on average less than 6 seconds only and yet tire out easily. While women’s orgasms can last up to 12-14 seconds. And guess who is ready for round 2 within minutes? Women!
  • Orgasms can feel amazing, but a fun fact is it that it is also very healthy for you. Any kind of orgasms from clitoral, anal or vaginal help ward off diseases like breast cancer, heart attacks, and stress.

  • You’ve heard of eating strawberries dipped in chocolate but have you heard of apples? Apparently eating apples helps boost your sex life especially in women!
  • A weird tip but wearing socks while wearing socks will help you orgasm better. Looks like warming your feet will actually turn up the heat in the bedroom too!

Interesting SEX Facts

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