How’s Sex Like With A Libra Woman

Are you an October woman and want to know some sex facts about your zodiac? Read on to know...

How’s Sex Like With A Libra Woman

Zodiac determines a person’s traits – her personality, her likes and dislikes, her preferences, her behavior, etc. It also determines her sexual traits – what she prefers, who she would prefer, etc. Whether you are a Libran or dating one, here’s decoding the sexual side of this harmonious sign.

Sex Traits 

Libra woman believe in oneness. She also believes that sex is a very natural as well as sacred act. Lust and passion are at the peripheral priority for her. She want to feel the act completely and, at times, love to take charge too. She is supple at heart but prefer being a tigress in bed.

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Sex Positions


The best sex position for a Libra woman is ‘the girl on top’ one. This is one of the steamiest and most intimate sex positions. This ensures ultimate closeness between the two, and when it gets steamier hug each other for your dear lives. *Wink! Wink!*

Sex Partner


A Libra woman prefer a man who understand her understanding of sex. She likes man who is compassionate and wild at the same time, who is caring, who will hug her tightly and make her feel that they both are in sync. For her, her man should be in sync with her in bed.

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