How To Stand Up For Yourself At Work

How To Stand Up For Yourself At Work

Often you get pushed around, pressurised for something that eventually might affect your mental as well as physical health and get stuck in a spot you were not supposed to be. This is not an uncommon problem faced by a majority of working populace today. It is okay to argue, question back and say no to those who purposefully bug you and are being unnecessarily illogical. You may have all the support from the people around you, but more than that, it is important to stand up for yourself. It will not only make you strong and confident but also will de-stress you and make you vigilant.

Stay rooted with the truth

There are times when you are stuck in a spot where a lie will help you escape it without any negative consequences. This is not uncommon but is very unethical. Not just that, this will keep nagging you at the back of your mind because somewhere deep down we all know that lies always surface up with no warnings. So, it is always advisable to stay rooted in the truth.

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Own your mistakes and not others’

Making a mistake is not a failure, not owning it is, in fact, a failure in bold letters. Owning your mistakes never come with any baggage; instead, it really lighten you up and makes you feel grounded and proud. But that does not mean you should own others’ mistakes too. No, one should never do that. We need not do that kind of social work. After all, let them also own their mistakes!

Never doubt yourself 

Whatever happens, no matter how many times you have failed in any walk of your life, never doubt yourself. You may have got dumped in a relationship, got yelled at work or got fired, no matter how much of efforts you have put in it. Never doubt yourself because this will crumble your self-respect and self-esteem, and will eventually make you very vulnerable.

Stop leaning backwards

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There are instances when you pour your sweat and efforts into a task but still others are not satisfied with it. It is very natural to feel de-motivated and frustrated. Stop at this point, take a deep breath, clear your head and give just one more try. Even one last time does not help, leave it. Stop leaning backwards to please others.

Know your worth

Psychology studies have claimed that it is important to know your worth to see yourself equal with the world. Your worth is not something that can be measured because it is a priceless knowledge of ‘self’. That means, by default, it follows realisations about your ‘self’. Experts claim that it takes ages to understand the meaning of universe, but the starting point is always the ‘self’. Hence, know your worth by knowing yourself first and no one can seem confident enough to point a finger at you. Do not let others treat you poorly, that is a very horrible thing you can do to yourself.

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Back your ‘no’

Often we find ourselves in a situation where our seniors, elders or even those who we care about give us tasks which are either unrealistic or have unrealistic deadlines. When you know that it the task’s deadline or the task itself is unachievable, it is always better to say ‘no’ and why. A single ‘no’ without any theory supporting it seems very unintelligent. So, always reasonably back your ‘no’.

Never hesitate to argue/question back

Never take anyone’s illogical or senseless banter. Do not hesitate to argue and/question back. It may make you look rude or sarcastic but, in reality, it helps to have a right and clear communication. The main key point is politeness and soft speech. A polite argument and counter-questioning in soft speech is always considered harmless.

Treat others the way you want to be treated

This is something that we have been hearing about since ages. And one should really implement this in her life because it is more for the self than for others. If you want to be respected respect others; you want to be spoken nicely to, speak nicely to others. There are chances that some might not reciprocate the way you are with them, and it is absolutely fine. But never stop treating others the way you want to be treated. Never forget what our elders say ‘after all our world is spherical in shape’ – what and how you give, comes back to you.

Stay humble

Last but not the least–stay humble. You may have achieved the point of success you had aimed for, but never forget from where and how you started. After all, we are mere human beings. This attitude will help you keep grounded and humble, and when it comes to others, they will simply adore and look up to you. And you will definitely feel doubtless and self-loved like never before.

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