How To Lose Weight Before Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and most of you must be having a major chunk of plans and parties coming up. The festive season gives us the perfect opportunity to dress up and flaunt ourselves at various parties and events. However, we all face that one common problem at some point of time or the other in life- weight-gain. The little belly fat or the those unwanted love handles may keep us from wearing our favourite outfits for the occasion. How about you go ahead and make up your mind to wear that dress this year and look fabulous in it too? Follow these tips to lose weight before christmas!

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  • Exercise

Exercising for atleast an hour regularly is important. It helps you burn calories faster. The fastest way to lose weight is by practicing cardio exercises. Hit the treadmill or jog for forty-five minutes followed by fifteen minutes of squats. This will render to toning up your body as well.

  • Consume Healthy Fats

It is definitely not advisable to deprive your body of fats all of a sudden. However, what you can do is consume healthy fats and food that will help fasten your body’s metabolism rate. Grilled fish, eggs and yogurt are great food options to sill your stomach and avoid recurring hunger pangs. Furthermore, you can go ahead and eat a bowl of fruits or vegetables for lunch or dinner. A healthy food intake is a key to maintaining a fit frame.

  • Avoid Mid-Meal Snacks

While we feel that it is okay to munch on a few junk items in between our meals, what we actually end up doing is reduce our appetite for the bigger meal like dinner. In the process, we end up consuming lesser quantities of healthy foods as our stomach is already filled those snacks. Save space in your stomach for the three main meals i.e- breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat enough to keep hunger at bay.

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  • Cut Down On Your Calorie Intake

This means cutting down on sugar intake, avoiding alcohol consumption and sacrificing on every calorie-high food item that is dear to you. Avoid drinking packed fruit juices. They are high in sugar content. You can go ahead and cheat on your diet on the days of celebration and festivities.

  • Drink Loads Of Water

Keeping yourself hydrated at all times is important. This will keep fatigue at bay and render to a healthy weight-loss regime. It will also ensure a smooth digestion.

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