How To Look Great This Summer

Summer is a great time to be a girl, so here are 5 tips for looking extra COOL this summer.

Summer can be a challenging season to dress. It’s also harder to create a ‘new’ look every day since you can’t really play too much with jackets, layers and scarves. So here are some super tips & tricks for dressing in this season.

1 Wear white 

White is your best friend in summer. It is the most versatile colour to wear. Combine with almost every colour and pattern in your closet for a clean, modern look! Or while all white.

2 Keep it simple 

You really don’t need much to be elegant. Just a simple dress will make you look elegant. You can go for a little flower dress which is not too tight and yet makes you look elegant.

3 Make it interesting 

Use accessories, shoes, colour, pattern and graphics to make things more interesting. Accessorising and playing with colours and patterns is perfect for making your summer outfit more interesting. Play with colour blocking, add interest with a bag and get some colourful standout shoes.

4. Don’t be afraid of silk 

If you are only wearing one layer, make it as interesting as possible. Wear a nice silk top which will be airy and comfortable. All you need is a good basic bottom like some nice white trousers or skirt and you will look, modern, polished yet remain cool.

5. Wear a scarf or hats 

It’s summer, you don’t need jackets, jeans and overcoats but you do need scarfs and hats to hide your face from the heat. You can try a variety of scarfs and hats that doesn’t have a thick material.


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