Identify A Cheater From His Body Language And Behaviour

Identify A Cheater From His Body Language And Behaviour

Our behavioural patterns and body language say a lot about us. If you have known someone for a while, even the slightest changes in his/her behavioural patterns and body language can be picked, if you observe. Here are 6 aspects of his body language and behaviour that can hint he is cheating on you. If you found all of these in him, do not be surprised when you find out a lipstick mark on his shirt and a new phonelock.

Incompatibility In Bed

Incompatibility In Bed

Sure, sex earlier might have been wild and passionate but when he starts seeing someone else, you will definitely find a loss in physical compatibility with him. He might become moody, and always complain that he is tired. But don’t jump onto any conclusions, it would always be better if you ask him what and why he is going through. If his answers sound lame and/or illogical to you or if he keeps avoiding your questions related to this, you should know you are with a cheater.

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Sleeps Before You Retire To Bed

How To Identify A Cheater

If he always sleeps before you retire to bed after your end-of-the-day chores, you should sense the signal – he is physically as well as emotionally not interested to interact with you. Sure, it could be because of work and work stress, but not always, right? Try for a quality communication with him, ask him why he seems so tired. Again, if he gives a lame or an illogical, you should know why…

Avoids Eye Contact


If he keeps avoiding eye-contact most of the times, especially when you ask him about the party he went to with his ‘buddies’ the previous night, or about his ‘business trip’ that he has just returned from, get your signal, woman! Sure, he might look guilty, but he has been cheating anyway.

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Always Into His Phone

His Phone

Psychologists say that individuals, whether a man or a woman, when worried about different people express differently. Usually, a person who is worried about his boss will express by speaking to his wife about it and his reaction to work-related stuff will be less intense than that of his reactions towards something personal and/or intimate.

If he is always on phone (maybe because of work-related emails and messages, as per his excuses), observe his body language. If he is too much into his phone ALWAYS, you must know what it means!

Hesitant To Give His ‘Precious’ Phone


A cheater is ALWAYS overprotective about his phone. He will be very hesitant and reluctant to give his phone to you, even if your intentions are as innocent as making a call because your phone is in other room. Also, a cheater will NEVER give his phone quickly to you (unless he has two phones for two different and obvious purposes). When you ask him for his phone he will show the following behaviour:

  1. He will look at you and scrutinise your expressions to know whether he should be worried or not.
  2. He WILL definitely ask ‘Why do you need my phone?’
  3. He will take a pause, and ask you for a minute, quickly do something on his phone and then give it to you.
  4. To elongate the previous step, he might even pretend that he just got a call (obviously a fake call) or ‘Oh! There is a message,’ pretend to open the message and speak, ‘looks important, honey. Give me 2 minutes.’ And he gets up and walks to other room.

Another trait – His phone is ALWAYS password-protected.

Dates Are Fun No More

Identify A Cheater

Going on a date with him is another thing because planning for a date itself is very tedious! He will ALWAYS have alterations – of time, of places, etc. – all with lame reasons. Also, one of the most common traits is of being very late and of canceling the date at the last minute. If this behaviour of him is consistent, you should give it all a second thought.

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