How To Get Ready In A Jiffy

How To Get Ready In A Jiffy

Getting ready in the morning can take ages and make you late for the day. But not if you’re all prepared the night before! From clothes to makeup and your hairstyles, here are some easy tips to remember and apply in your hectic lives. Save time and efforts and get ready in a jiffy with these quick dressing and makeup tips.

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Prep Hair Night Before

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Choose your hairstyle the night before and prep accordingly. Braid your hair the night before to get natural waves the next morning. Apply your hair masks, conditioners, and serums before bed to let your hair soak the benefits as much as possible. Even spraying dry shampoo in your hair overnight helps your hair look amazing without any efforts the next day.

Decide Your Outfit

Quick Makeup Tips

Pre-Decide your outfit in the night itself to save time in the morning. You don’t need to rummage through your closet for endless hours to get the right outfit if you do it in the night. Picking out your outfits for the next day before bed will also give you ample time to think of your accessories and makeup as well. Even hair and shoes can be sorted as long as your outfit is decided.

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Single Product – Many Uses

Quick Makeup Tips

Opt for moisturise in the shower itself instead of wasting time using another product post-bath. Pick products that have multiple uses so that you can save time and effort. Save time by using a multipurpose BB cream instead of foundation, concealer, and primer. Just a swipe of red lipstick can actually make you look different in seconds.

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