Lessons in Love: How To Deal With Being In One-Sided Love With Your Friend

Lessons in Love: How To Deal With Being In One-Sided Love With Your Friend

Unrequited love can be quite painful and tricky at the same time. It often happens that the person you love doesn’t love you back. He or she may consider you an amazing friend, they may even love you in a non-romantic way. But it hurts…it hurts like hell to speak to them every single day. Your heart may feel crushed to be reminded every time you talk to them that they… as a matter of fact…do not feel the same way for you!

The first solution that comes to your mind may be to break all contact with them. But is that right? Let’s analyse.


1. You will lose a friend

Needless to say, what you will end up losing is a friend! It may not be their fault that they didn’t develop romantic feelings for you. But what they do is care for you as a friend. In a world where genuine companionship is so rare, should you give up on a friend who trusted you so much? It’s okay to distance yourself from them for a while allowing yourself some time to heal! But eventually, you may retain the friendship and bounce back to what used to be! However, if you absolutely cannot, do as your heart says.

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2. Your feelings may be temporary

Wait for your feelings to pass. Allow yourself time to move on from that person. Have an open conversation with them explaining how you really feel. If they care for you they will help you move on. Let them know if you need distance for a while. Tell them of the signs you misread and ask them to not do those things again. This too shall pass.

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3. No blame game

Yes, indeed, it hurts your ego when your love is not reciprocated. But you must consciously try to evade those thoughts and not blame them for your one-sided love. Instead, know that they are a good person (since you became friends with them in the first place) and shit happens. Don’t hurt them with your savage words.

4. Forgive them and yourself

Forgiving is the first step of letting go! Keep your heart light and let go of the hurt. And then once you move on, get back to them as a friend. Remember, you will have a best friend for life!

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