How To Deal With A Bad Boss

Do you dread the thought of getting up and going to work every day because you have a difficult boss? You are not alone in your struggles.

How To Deal With A Bad Boss

If you have a bad boss, life becomes difficult at work and you end up feeling demotivated. The root cause of each situation may differ though and it is important to follow the right approach to further your career.


Natasha M works for an insurance company. Natasha is good at her work but is forever picked by her boss. Saloni Sawnani, Clinical Psychologist says, “After conversations, we found that while she had tried doing things her ‘boss’s way’, she’d been argumentative while making her points. She had to learn to avoid being defensive and provoking and put her ideas as suggestions.”

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Harish Sharma, a marketing manager, in spite of doing a great job was not given a raise. His boss explained that the company was going through a financial crisis. Harish refused to listen and wrote an abusive mail to his boss. The very next day, he was fired. “Lesson learnt: understand your boss’ constraints and never fire from the hip.” Says Virender Kapoor, Author of ‘A Wonderful Boss’.

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Rahul Kumar was in a high-pressure MNC job. His boss Jaya expected him to work over-hours. “The job was important to him but he felt he was losing control over both his personal and professional life,” recalls Sawnani. “He had to learn to say ‘No’ and be comfortable with having different priorities than others,” explains Sawnani.  “Do your job well and in the time frame. Over a period of time, the boss will get the message.”

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