How To Build A Strong Foundation For Your Marriage

How To Build A Strong Foundation For Your Marriage

When you tie the knot, you step into a new phase of life, all hopeful and filled with love. While everyone dreams of a fairytale romance, marriages usually require a lot of work. It is not at all a bed of roses. The first few formative years of marriage is when you must really strive to build a strong foundation. So when the going gets tough, your roots are strong! Here are some effective ways to build a strong foundation for your marriage.


Marriage Priority

When you step into a commitment like that it is important to build a strong foundation. While you must keep each other on top priority, it is also essential to strike an adequate balance between your personal, family and professional life. Love is love but being practical is vital too!



Communication can help a relationship thrive. Invest time in sharing as it is an open window to a deeper connection. Communication acts as a direct highway to ride on someone’s heart. Hence by communication, you can develop a strong relationship which is full emotions values.

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Foundation For Marriage

Since you are a team now, it is important to do things together. Take up a keen interest in others; likes. For instance, if he likes cricket, you can accompany him and if you trekking he can come along. In this way, taking part in each others’ enjoyment develops more interest in each other.


Relationship Pleasure

Even though you’ve had sex several times, don’t let it become monotonous. The enthusiasm between you both for sex can definitely spice up your marriage.

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Control over Anger


Simply getting irritated for no use is merely a waste of time and energy. Therefore it is advisable to keep patience when your spouse is angry. Don’t indulge in temper tantrums, abuses, and insults.

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