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How To Have Hot Sex With Your New Boyfriend

Discovering your partner is the honeymoon phase of your relationship and finding out what pleases them carnally is a whole other ball park. Here are some ways you can bring the spark into your sex life.

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Get introduced

You’ll be getting to know what they like, what they don’t, what you like. Don’t focus too much on getting each other off, enjoy the roll around and the experience of getting to know a new person intimately. More often than not it’s the act itself that’s more fun and memorable than the end goal.

Be active

You don’t need to bounce around the bed like a naughty child, but it’s not a good idea to wait for your man to make all the moves.  This will ensure both of you get maximum pleasure out of the session.

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While many people think that the easiest way to have sex is to just go with the flow, it is best if you communicate and tell your partner what you like in bed. Remember no one can read your mind, not even the best or most experienced partner.

Go easy on the alcohol

Have a couple of drinks to loosen yourself up, sure, but being completely drunk doesn’t usually lead to the most pleasurable of experiences.

Have fun

The most important point on the list. Get them clothes off, throw your inhibitions to the wind, and get stuck in.

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