Homemade Beauty Secrets: DIY Oils For Long Hair

Move over the chemical-laden store-bought hair oil. Sonal Bhatia lists inexpensive, easy-to-make treatments at home your hair won’t stop loving.

Homemade Beauty Secrets: DIY Oils For Long Hair

While you cannot be sure of the store-bought hair oil treatments as regard to the amount of preservatives they contain, their chemical composition, or harmful artificial fragrances, you can definitely get better results using these DIY oils for hair care.

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1. Fenugreek Oil

Hair Care

Fenugreek or Methi contains a good amount of lecithin, a protein that strengthens the hair shaft and makes hair shiny and soft. It is also known to enhance hair length and remove dandruff.
How to make it: Take some powdered methi seeds and heat them up with coconut oil. Strain the oil off the residue if desired. Apply to roots and lengths, and give a good massage. Applying it twice a week will be very beneficial for your tresses.

2. Henna Oil

Hair Care

It is a wonderful natural conditioner and makes the hair thicker.

How to make Henna oil: In case you cannot make the henna powder at home, you can buy it from your nearest grocery store. Put one or two spoonful of henna powder in about 3 small cups of the base oil- coconut, mustard, sesame (as per your choice), and bring it to a boil. Cool it down and pour in a glass jar. Use once a week for best results.

3. Amla Oil

Hair Care

It is used throughout Indian homes to get black and strong hair.
How to make it: Grab some dried amla pieces from the grocery store, or some freshly cut pieces of amla, and a good quality mustard oil. Put the two together in a black iron vessel and boil until the amla pieces turn dark brown. Cool and strain. Store in a bottle and use as and when required.

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4. Coconut and Lemon Oil

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Lemon helps reduce dandruff to a large extent and coconut oil helps to nourish hair deeply.
How to make it: All you need to do is to take coconut oil as per your requirement, and then add few drops of lemon to it. Your DIY anti-dandruff hair treatment oil is ready to use. Mix it well and apply and massage onto the hair roots thrice a week. Within a week, you will see the dandruff vanish.

5. Curry Leaves Oil

Hair Care

It is a good hair tonic and helps in hair growth, getting rid of dandruff and itchy scalp. It even prevents premature hair greying just like amla.
How to make it: You can make your own curry leaf infused hair oil by taking a handful of curry leaves and putting them in a jar of mustard oil. Let it rest for a month, show it some sunlight and its ready to use. Mix it every time you use it.

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