Here’s How To Be A Pro At Social Networking

Go on, establish yourself on social media!

Here’s How To Be A Pro At Social Networking

Wondering how to build your network or create a platform for work? Look no further than the internet. Here are a few ways to make optimum use of the internet to pitch your best self.

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  • If you are doing business then use a blog name that has your name in it. What you are doing is turning your name into a brand that people think of when they need expert opinion. So when you make your profile, it has to be a killer It’s just like making your resume – you put forward your best. Many women are concerned about safety issues – so use a picture of yourself that makes you feel comfortable. If you are providing a service, putting a picture of yours on your website gives you a little more credibility.


  • What can demotivate some women about social networking is the tech savviness attached to it. What for instance does RSS feed mean? ‘Really Simple Syndication’ or the news feed that you subscribe to. It’s like subscribing to a magazine that is delivered to you periodically but instead of it coming in your physical mailbox, it is delivered to your ‘RSS Reader’ every time your favourite website updates. An alternative to RSS would be to subscribe via Email. Not so difficult, is it?


  • What do you do on twitter? Update your status-give testimonials. Tell the world what you are up to and what links are cool. There is a profile section that you have to fill in. Watch out for MP Shashi Tharoor’s tweets – those are what tweets are about, the where, the when, the what of a person’s day today. Not just links to your blog posts. You use the hashtag # as a kind of search tool, so if you say #NewYear a search for NewYear tweets could lead to you.


  • You can create blogs on sites like WordPress or Blogger. The templates are very user-friendly and you can customise your blog any way you want. Prepare as many posts before you launch yourself. Quality of content has more takers. Tanvi feels that there is no roadmap to popularity: “Honesty is the best policy when it comes to blogging. My blog gained readership purely via word-of-mouth and inter-blog-interactions with other bloggers. My tip for new bloggers would be to blog about stuff they would personally want to read about. When you are passionate about what you write or blog, it makes an instant connect and translates into hits.


  • Don’t give up blogging after a couple of months of low blog stats. You have to persist. Read popular blogs, improve content, post pictures, talk to other bloggers. Making quality comments on other blogs shows that you are willing to reach out – no spam comments like links to your blog. The blogosphere does not appreciate that.

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  • How frequently must you network to create a difference? Use your portals whenever your ‘real’ life permits you to. However, make sure that you blog atleast 2-3 times a week and are active on FB and twitter daily. Smartphones make networking such a breeze.


  • Join only those websites that suit your needs. If you have professional intent Linkedin is a good choice; FB works on a personal level and also for creative people who need to create a fan base. Blogging is for those who really have something to share with their readers on a regular basis.


  • You don’t have to friend everyone who joins your network. Be choosy there. Also, you can build relationships on the web by promoting others and sharing a kind comment for content you appreciate. Kindness works even on the web.


  • Ladies, be wary of hackers, spammers, virus makers! Use the online safety features of the websites you have joined, update your password regularly, and beware of fraudsters who send emails from familiar emails and are actually trying to get your account details.

Once you learn to navigate the network circuit, you can end up going viral, sustain your business or just make good buddies in the virtual world. The perfect reason to go nuts about networking!

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