Here’s How Your Sex Life Will NEVER Be Dull!

Here’s How Your Sex Life Will NEVER Be Dull!

Relationship counsellors advise that when you find any part of your relationship mundane and bland, it is high time to alter it by adding some excitement to it. Sex, being a major part of our romantic relationship, if turns into a regular bland and boring affair, must be spiced up right away! When many fear emotional change with experimenting with their sex lives, doing it is a must to keep the carnal fire burning. Here is a easy-peasy guide book with 5 very simple techniques of experimenting in bed with your partner.

Do Your Homework

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You definitely don’t want to disappoint you and your partner by trying something that has not been known. Though you can try/experiment with your partner in the heat of the moment, in the middle of your act, but sitting down and learning about tried and tested experiments will always help you being confident about what you are going to try next. Doing your homework might sound a little time-consuming but it never hurts.

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Voice Out Clearly

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Being shy about talking something like experimenting in bed is quite inevitable, but you need to shed away the shyness, know what you want and tell it clearly to your partner. Make sure you do not use the lame technique of simply expressing with batting eye-lashes and facial expressions but use actual words instead. If it sounds being too bold, then bold, it is!

Know What Your Partner Think

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When you have clearly voiced out what you want, wait. Wait for him to listen you out properly; let him process and think. Ask him what he thinks because his opinion matters for obvious reasons!

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Know What Your Partner Wants

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When you know what he thinks about your idea of experimenting in bed, and if he doesn’t say much (maybe because he is shy about actually forming words to express), ask him what HE wants. You never know what he might surprise you with!

Remember – Experiment With Pleasure 

Experiment With Pleasure

This is a very important factor when you are thinking about experimenting about anything, in fact! NEVER forget why you are actually started with this – to add a little excitement, and excitement in bed is always about having more pleasure. Therefore, make sure that whatever your experiment it should be followed by amazing experience and pleasure!

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