Here’s Why It Is Essential To Remove Your Make-Up

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Here’s Why It Is Essential To Remove Your Make-Up

Most of us have been experienced being in a position when we get back home in an absolutely sloshed state and choose to sleep with our make-up on, at some point of time or the other. Yes, we’re tired and it seems impossible to do anything at that point. However, wiping your face off with make-up removal wipes hardly takes any time. It is necessary to free your pores of all the cosmetic product that you have loaded your face with as only then, will your face or the pores be able to breathe and let your skin feel fresh. Here’s what happens if you don’t remove your make-up.

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  • Eye-Infection


Yes, those smokey eyes can make you look really hot but if you leave them on for longer than needed, they are prone to cause harm to your eyes. These products can react with the water in your eyes to cause harmful reactions and infections. Furthermore, if you sleep with eye-products on, the tiny particles can slip into your eyes and cause redness or irritation.

  • Skin-Ageing


If you do not remove your make-up, it prevents your skin from breathing which intoxicates the skin. Furthermore, the barrier created between your skin and fresh air is the reason that your skin tends to become dry which leads to the formation of wrinkles.

  • Dry Lips


If you do not take off your lipstick, the product tends to soak in all the moisture from your lips leaving them dry and chapped. Cracked lips may bleed and aren’t a good sight to look at.

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  • Pimples


Not removing make-up leads to clogging of pores which further leads to infections. This is the reason you notice those unwanted pimples showing up on your face. Hence, make sure that your clean your face well.

  • Blackheads And Whiteheads


The root cause of all your problems is clogging of pores as a result of not removing your make-up. You really don’t want those ugly blackheads and whiteheads ruining your appearanace, do you?

Hence, make it a habit to remove your make-up and wash your face everyday!

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