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Here’s A List Of Foods You Need To Stop Freezing ASAP!

Everyone knows there are some things that you can add to the fridge and somethings you just can’t. It could spoil the taste, texture and turn it into a gooey mess. Completely unappetizing! Here are some foods that are just not meant to be frozen!

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Raw Vegetables & Fruits

Fruits and veggies rich in water content will not make it safely out of the freezer. The high water content in such like watermelon, cucumbers, salad greens tend to turn into water crystals. So when you thaw them it turns into a mushy mess.


Potatoes have a high water content so once they are removed they’ll get mushy. Cooked potatoes are okay to in the freezer since they cooking process has already removed any water content.

 Fried Foods

As much as you want them to stay fresh, putting them into the freezer is a bad idea. They tend to get soft and mushy the moment removed out of the freezer. Instead of frying homemade foods, opt for baking them instead to retain the crispness.


Shocking but true, milk is actually not meant to be frozen. Refrigerated yes but not chilled. Milk kept in the freezer separates into chunky pieces when it is thawed. Safe to eat but not really ideal looking for consumption.

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Yogurt is good to pop into the fridge since it helps keep the good bacteria alive. But once you remove it out for consumption, it will end up losing its creamy texture and become grainy.


Mushy pasta is a no-no. You obviously won’t get sick from eating leftover pasta but eating them out of the fridge will make them soggy and squishy which is not really appetizing.


If you want your cooked rice to be fresher and not mushy, don’t add it in the freezer. It’s not really dangerous to eat but it just won’t taste or feel the same in texture.


Garlic is not meant to be frozen or even refrigerated in any way. The garlic cloves tend to stronger and bitter once frozen and you need to be careful on how much of it you can actually use now. Since the taste has clearly become overpowering, the wrong measurement could ruin your dish.

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