Here’s How 5 Big, Fat Diet Myths Just Got Busted!

Weight loss is no child’s play, especially when you are bombarded with what to eat and what not to. Let us take you on a tour of a few diet myths you need not be paying heed to at all!

Here’s How 5 Big, Fat Diet Myths Just Got Busted!

Have you ever wondered what is fact and what is fiction when hearing about the endless diet plans and weight loss methods? If so, you’re not alone. With so many people obsessed with losing weight, there can be a lot of confusion surrounding what is true and what has been falsely advertised. New Woman shares 5 diet myths, which needed to be busted!

Myth 1: Bid goodbye to rice and potatoes while on the way to weight loss as they contain a high amount of starch and carbohydrates.

Truth: In fact, rice contains methionine which helps mobilise fat from the liver and potatoes are loaded with nutrients. What really matters is to eat everything in moderation. However, avoid making them unhealthy by opting for deep fried chips.

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Myth 2: Eating at Night Causes Weight Gain

Truth: Whether you eat a packet of chips in the afternoon or at night, you are going to gain an equal amount of pain. Therefore, you will have to monitor what you eat throughout the day and not just after the sun has set. However, one should ensure to keep the dinner light by including soups and fruit salad.

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Myth 3: Skip meals, eat less and lose weight.

Truth: If you are planning to stay fit and fab, then you must maintain a balance and keep track of what you are eating. At the end of the day, it’s all about eating the right foods in the right proportions and at equal intervals.

Myth 4: Stick to leafy vegetables and soups.

Truth: However, the truth is if you know the right kind of snacks to include in your diet, you can lose weight with great taste in your mouth. For instance, choose snacks which are low in calorie and high in proteins, so that they can curb your hunger pangs in a healthy way. Also, a handful of nuts or roasted channa are great options for evening snacks.

Myth 5: Diet Foods and Artificial Sweetners Help You Lose Weight

The fact is that most people end up eating more of these altered foods, negating the effort of consuming less. In addition, the so-called diet foods are highly processed and chemically altered, increasing your health risk even more.

Also read: Here’s How 5 Big, Fat Diet Myths Just Got Busted!


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