Dream Girl’s New Music Album Is Dedicated To Her Favourite Lord Krishna

Sway to Dream Girl's tunes this Gokulashtami!

Dream Girl’s New Music Album Is Dedicated To Her Favourite Lord Krishna

After many years, veteran actress Hema Malini is back with her new music album. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the new devotional album named ‘Gopal Ko Samarpan’ this Wednesday in New Delhi. The album contains 8 songs.  The Dream Girl actress said that the album is dedicated to her favourite Lord Krishna.

While people think that this her debut as a singer but decades ago, in 1973, Hema Malini was inspired by none other than Kishore Kumar to sing in Bengali. It was for a Bengali Puja special album, Gun Gun Kore Je Mon, which went on to become a hit with the audience.

Here, the veteran actress reveals why it is important to have a dream and work towards it.

‘Who says the sky doesn’t have a peephole? Yes, I am a dreamer and co-incidentally, I am fondly called “dream girl.” I used to hope to reach heights of success and my fans positioned me on the heights of admiration. For me, it’s a mutual love affair–I have been dedicated to all my roles in life and in return, it has given me more than I expected.

You come into this world aimlessly and while growing up, you build so many dreams and then march towards your goals. Today, every person is chasing an aspiration, hitch-hiking to the top. And very soon you realise that your life is trapped in its own desires and you missed out on all the beautiful sights in the trek. A woman, especially, feels like she’s running out of time. Not me; my commitment and support from loved ones have helped me to be unrestricted by a ticking clock.

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If you ask me, yes, dreams can be fulfilled with the right direction and hard work. If you look at your past, you will realise that whatever we are today is the result of the times we didn’t give up. Wishes, desires, hopes, expectations– these are elements of human nature. Is it wrong to have desires? Having ambitions is rather good and it is indeed a fact that the more perseverance you show, the better life serves you. It buds in your mind, and with enough focus, you attract it into your life. Therefore, it is very important to have goals.

We should imbibe it in our children to dream big–and put your life and soul in fulfilling those dreams. I have observed that unhappy people are often unsatisfied no matter how much they can be grateful for. Most likely, they themselves do not know what exactly they seek resulting in a dearth of both ambition and inspiration. An indecisive and restless mind keeps such a person roving. Therefore it is most important that you have a clear view of what your destination is and how you should reach it.

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I was just another girl with big dreams in her eyes. It was my mother who encouraged me and directed me onto the correct path. I wouldn’t have been what I am today if it weren’t for my mother. She taught me to devote myself to art, and hence my art is my identity today. In my childhood, I would look outside my window and see my friends play while I practiced dance at home. It used to make me very angry back then but today when I see how it has benefitted me, I realised that my mother was strict for my own good.

If parents teach their children to dream and set goals, then no one can stop them from succeeding. Today, so many small children exhibit their fresh, growing talent in reality shows – their parents’ hard work is evident. At the end, I have a simple belief: it is not necessary for the child to be academically gifted, identify and nurture your child’s talent. Remember that if you desire it enough, and work hard, success will be yours!’

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