How to help your child in starting a conversation with a stranger

Initiating a conversation with a stranger is no child's play because you need to develop social skills to talk effectively and leave a positive impact. New Woman gives a rundown on different ways parents can help their child in talking to strangers.

How to help your child in starting a conversation with a stranger

Breaking the ice and starting a conversation with a stranger can be difficult if you do not know the right cards to play. In today’s day and age, social skills plays a key role in acquiring success. Therefore, as a parent, it becomes crucial that you help your child to open up to strangers and have a healthy and insightful conversation.

Start with a smile

Are you aware of the power of a smile? If not, then start now. When you do not know someone and want to start a conversation, one of the best ways is to give a smile as it radiates a positive vibe and shows your interest.

The power of eye-contact

Maintaining an eye-contact is crucial for keeping a healthy conversation. When talking to somebody, encourage your children to look into their eyes which helps in effective communication and in building confidence and bond.

Teach them emotions

Let your children imitate a variety of emotions—joy, anger, disappointment, excitement, mischief, weirdness, nervousness, tiredness, terror, danger, etc. Play ‘identify the emotion’ game by making faces or holding placards of different smiley. This helps them differentiate emotions and express better; and not get confused when mingling with other kids or people.

Make them communicate

Communication is the key for beginning a relationship and in maintenance of the strong bonding. Verbal or non-verbal, your children should learn to express, interact, and respond to social stimulus. Help your children learn appropriate greetings and responses. Let your children know that they are free to talk, ask, question, and communicate their needs, desires, beliefs and ideas.

Developing social skills

A child who can communicate and express himself/herself fearlessly is armed to face the challenges when he/she grows up to tackle complex situations. Guide your children in maintaining good communication channels, and pick up skills such as negotiation, conflict resolution and communicating.


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