Healthy Eating Habits For Late Sleepers

Stay awake Stay Healthy!

Healthy Eating Habits For Late Sleepers

The strenuous schedule of people who work night shifts invites health problems. They fall prey to a weakening immune system and other deficiencies.  Make these changes in your eating habits to stay healthy and happy.

1) Have an early dinner to avoid feeling drowsy while working at night. If you don’t like having dinner before leaving for work, then have a nutritious snack. This will keep your stomach full in turn helping you focus on work.

2) Eat something light and nutritious every three hours. Carry dried fruits like walnuts, peanuts, pistas, dry anjeer, cashews etc. these are all rich sources of protein. Keep a healthy snack handy just in case you get midnight munchies.

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3) Carrying a fruit of your choice is better than frequently having tea or coffee that disturbs the digestion process and results in insomnia too.

4) Avoid aerated drinks. Have fruit and vegetable juices instead as they are healthier and give you more energy.

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5) Once you return home from work, avoid hitting the bed directly. Do some light exercises first as this will keep your immune system fit and healthy.

6) Have a light breakfast along with a warm glass of milk and 1-2 tbsp. of honey to get good sleep.

7) Avoid making erratic changes in your schedule. Always sleep and eat at a regular time.

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