Healthy Break-Time Ideas For Office Goers

Take mini breaks to unwind and optimise results!

Healthy Break-Time Ideas For Office Goers


While working non-stop in office, you do need a small break for a breather. During this time, try doing something which not only makes you active but also fresh enough to resume work. We give you some tips:

1) Stretch yourself


Do simple stretching exercises while you are at your desk as this will not only unwind your body but will also activate your thinking nerves. Stretch your arms, legs and give a little bit of a massage to your forehead and neck.

2) Listen to music


Music, they say, is the best stress-buster! Listen to your favourite songs on your iPod or mobile phone but make sure you don’t disturb
your colleagues while doing so.

3) Take a stroll


Sitting in one place for too long can be monotonous and extremely bad for your back. Take a stroll to relax your stiff muscles.

4) Clean your desk


Cleaning your desk is one of the most constructive activities you can indulge in during your break-time. You will not only get rid of all those unwanted papers but will also have a cleaner, better-looking desk.

5) Meditate


Meditation calms you and keeps you away from work-related stress. Close your eyes for five minutes and take deep breaths. While doing so, concentrate on your breathing to prevent your mind from diverting.

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