Health Alert: Signs You Are Consuming Way Too Much Salt

Nothing in excess is ever a good thing!

Health Alert: Signs You Are Consuming Way Too Much Salt

In a country like India where food is given utmost importance, the consumption of salt is sky rocketing. Salt might be the most important ingredient in our food, it’s the binding component to any meal that brings out the taste. As vital an ingredient, salt is also equally dangerous to our health. Over consumption of salt can easily put us down with a number of tremendously severe health complications. An average Indian consumes 10.98 g of salt in a day, this is 119 per cent higher than the WHO (World Health Organization) recommended limit. When there is a buildup of sodium in your body, it retains water to dilute the sodium which leads to the rise in the volume of blood. With the increase of blood volumes in the body comes serious health issues like higher blood pressure, kidney stones and cardio vascular diseases as it puts more pressure on the heart muscles. To help you to keep yours and your family’s health intact we have a list of 5 signs you are consuming more salt than your body requires.

  • You are constantly parched

Young woman drinking water

Even if you are drinking the right amount of water in a day, consuming excess salt can leave you with a voracious thirst. This happens as excessive amounts of sodium draw water from your cells with then send thirst signals to the brain. The kidney helps by reducing the amount of urine.  Perpetual dehydration is one of the initial signs that you’re consuming excessive salt.

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  • Water Retention


Have you ever had a ring fit one day and not fit the next? The reason for this is simple, there is an imbalance of sodium and water in your body which leads to sudden bloating. The swelling is mostly around fingers, ankles, and puffiness under your eyes. The swelling caused by extra fluid in your body’s tissues is called edema in medical terms. Edema is a primary symptom of many diseases and is a sign of too much sodium in your body. The solution to this is to cut down your salt intake.

  • You have high blood pressure


One of the first reactions of a sodium rich diet is the spike in your blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the biggest risk factors of consuming too much salt. The more water retained in your body the more pressure on your heart to pump blood in order to cope up. This puts you at a jeopardy of a stroke. The only way of getting your blood pressure in control is to completely cut salty food out of your diet and drink loads of water. If it gets out of hand, visit a doctor soon.

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  • Change in your palate


Do you find food bland and boring? Unwarranted salt intake is the culprit. When we are accustomed to taking in too much of the white stuff our taste buds familiarize themselves with it and anything with lesser salt tastes insipid. As we have already established, colossal amounts of salts cause a havoc in the body. To change this you must substitute salt with herbs and spices with stronger flavors like black pepper, rock salt or thyme.

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