Hangover Cure Tips

Do you ever wake up to a painful headache and feel like the world around you is spinning? Do you feel like throwing up your guts out and swearing never to drink again? Yep, you’ve got a  hangover! And of course, you do. Letting yourself loose on New Year’s Eve with the booze has its after-effects after all. But worry not, here are 7 drunkenness relief tips that will help you prevent any major hangover drama the next morning.

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Drink Again


But water! Water is essential to flush the alcohol out of your system. Staying dehydrated will avoid headaches and indigestion with the bonus of any hangovers. Drink water in between your alcoholic drinks as well as the next day after you wake up.

Eat Greasy Foods


Before you touch any alcohol, stuff your tummy with greasy food aka burgers, pizza or chips. It helps absorb the alcohol in your stomach and makes your drink less and keep the intensity of your hangover to the bare minimum. Consume a heavy breakfast the next morning. However, keep in mind that greasy foods are advisable to consume only before drinking and not the next day. Consume a protein-rich breakfast and you’ll be good to go. Sugar is known to enhance alcohol metabolism. What’s better? Consume sugar or sweet food while you’re drinking. This will prevent a hangover or reduce its intensity.

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The next morning, muster all the strength you have and try to exercise. It may sound crazy but is actually pretty helpful. Exercise releases endorphins that help keep you happy and pump up your mood after a binge drinking night. Don’t overdo it. Stick to the basics for only 15-20 minutes that will make you sweat. Rehydrate yourself thoroughly before you begin and after exercising to make up for all water loss.

Go Back To Bed


Although your hangover isn’t from lack of sleep, it does make it worse. It’s best to laze around in bed longer than usual letting your body replenish and rest up. You can rehydrate your body with water or homemade hangover cure drinks between your naps. Sleeping in actually helps your body get back into the routine processes after a long night of revelry.

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