Hair Tutorial: How To Make The Perfect Hairbun Using Socks

Yes, you read that right! This hairstyle is ideal for summers and not even a gust of wind can push it out of place! If you have long and unmanageable hair but refuse to cut it, this trick will save you a lot of time and energy.

Hair Tutorial: How To Make The Perfect Hairbun Using Socks

The perfect hairbun requires a clean pair of socks, scissors, a comb, hair tie and a little patience! Here are the easiest steps to make one.



Step 1: Bring a clean sock and cut the bottom part off, making it a tube.


Step 2: Roll the sock tightly to give it the shape of a donut, making sure it won’t unroll.


Step 3: Comb your hair into a ponytail using a normal elastic hair tie.


Step 4: Put the sock donut through your hair on top of the hair tie. Don’t make it very tight.


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Step 5: Pull your hair around the sock donut and tuck it into place, making sure none of the sock is seen through your hair.


Step 6: If the ends of your hair are too long, pull it into two sections as pictured.


Step 7: Twist the sections and roll them around the bottom of the bun.


Step 8: Use hair pins to hold them into place and you’re done!


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