A Guide On How To Wear Asymmetric Cold Shoulder Tops

A Guide On How To Wear Asymmetric Cold Shoulder Tops

Tired of the regular off shoulder tops trend around you? Well, just so that you know, there is a new trend going around in town. Yes, we are talking about the asymmetric cold shoulder tops! This style is popping up in all your favourite stores and you definitely need to get one for yourself.

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If you are probably confused on how to wear them, just read on while you stock up your cart with ample of these tops.

1. What Bra To Wear

The first questions that arises with wearing a shoulder barring top is what type of bar to wear underneath! A bra or cami strap running up and over your exposed shoulder doesn’t work well. So instead go for a strapless bra. Choose your bra wisely; otherwise you’ll end up killing the look of your top entirely.

2. For a Casual Work Day

There are various options available in the cold shoulder tops range that is completely perfect to wear at work as well. Here, like this shirt inspired cold shoulder top is a wear option to wear in at work. Just pair it with some formal pants and pointed feels and you are good to go.

3. For a Shopping Trip

You and your girlfriend are planning out on a shopping trip and you still haven’t decided what will be your attire. Well just pair a regular cold shoulder top with some distressed denims and a pair of sneakers. The look is simple yet stunning at the same time and perfect to run for shopping spears with your friends.

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4. For a Date Night

Even if your next date night involves bowling or playing some fun games, doesn’t mean you can’t dress sexy. And to do that you can find yourself wearing something sexy as well as something comfortable at the same time with a cold shoulder top.

5. For the Club

These tops are a perfect choice when you can’t decide what to wear to the club. Just pair it with a pencil skirt and some pointy heels. This look will make you look gorgeous instantly.

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