How To Have A Great Sex Life

Get set to kick-start a sexual frenzy that’ll lead you all the way to pleasureville.

How To Have A Great Sex Life

So you’ve been in a relationship for a while now? And you think that the passion has ebbed and things have started getting a bit too familiar now? In short, monotony is threatening to burn you out? What you really need is a break from your stale sex routine to up the heat between the sheets. Get set to kick-start a sexual frenzy that’ll lead you all the way to pleasureville.

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Surprise Yourself

If you’ve been making love in the same boring way, it’s now time to try some new things. Take some help from the fun-enhancing toys available that will put some heat back in the bedroom. Be adventurous, shun your inhibitions, as both of you explore the rapturous possibilities of these tools. We guarantee they’ll make the deed even more delicious.

Set The Mood

Sex need not be a hurried physical act. You could just be talking to each other, taking photographs, singing songs. As you capture your different moods on camera, things can get hotter and your chemistry can soar. If you are adventurous, get yourself a reliable, lightweight camera, set it up at a perfect angle and get going! You can capture your relaxed moments of togetherness for posterity.

Flavour Your Passion

Kissing need not be boring. You can spice it up with the flavours of your choice. Pour some chocolate sauce over your man and proceed to kiss it off. This is a sensual act and is sure to be reciprocated. You could choose from vanilla, strawberry, bitter chocolate to chilli if you are in the mood for some fiery encounters. We suggest:

  • Champagne – Try pouring it over each other and licking every drop-off.
  • Mint – Mint creates a tingly, cooling, sensation that is just perfect.

Pump Up

Once a week, have a massage night. Light some candles and put on soft romantic music and start the show. Slowly and sensually massage his scalp and then move on to his neck and shoulders. Where you head from there is up to you—the secret is to take it slow.

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 Plan A Love-Making Marathon

Set a date every month for unbridled, uninhibited sex. Such prolonged intimacy is known to strengthen relationships and keep the embers burning. Blindfold each other for fun and explore your bodies. Try other fun ideas to fuel your chemistry.

Speak Out

While communication is the key to good sex; we say it’s the key to naughty sex. Ask and you shall get. Articulate what you want, let out those sighs, tell him what you like and intersperse your love-talk with sensual, soft sweet-nothings. Whisper into his ears. Have marathon conversations between the sheets, using wicked words that turn on both of you.

Be A Water Baby

If you are lucky enough to have your very own pool or bathtub, it can be one of the best places to make out. Water makes everything sexier and the buoyancy of being in the pool allows for more freedom of movement.

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