Guide To Look Sexy While Stripping For Your Partner

Be bold and kinky!

Guide To Look Sexy While Stripping For Your Partner

To strip and look sexy while doing that is an art in itself. To some, it comes naturally while for the rest mortal souls, they have to learn and master the art in order to turn their partners on and get the temperatures soaring! Here is a guide to undress sexily and look hot. Be kinky, naughty and bold as you tease your partner and put on that sexy smile while taking your clothes off.

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  • Make Sure That There Is Full Optical Access

Make sure that you treat your partner’s eyes with full view. Stand a little far away from your partner so that he has optimum optical access to watching you undress. Standing far away will only make him want to devour every inch of you later. Be confident of your body and make sure that the act reflects nothing besides hotness and kinkiness without leaving any space for shyness and nervousness.

  • Put On Light Make-Up

Now, don’t load your face with endless layers of make-up. Light make-up will help you feel confident and beautiful. Brown smokey eyes will lend a sultry look which will aid in looking sexier while stripping. Make-up is a powerful weapon which can transform women and make them feel empowered with sharpened and enhanced features.

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  • Prep Yourself With Alcohol

Now, those of you who are extremely shy should relax by gulping down a few tequila shots. This will make sure that you strip boldly and create a lasting impression. Alcohol can do wonders! Practice is the key to perfection. Yes, there is no kidding about this. Look in the mirror and practice the act a few times before the final showdown!

  • Eye-Contact

Use eye-contact to your full advantage. Stare at your partner and smile a little while stripping. Do not stare continuously but it is advisable to do so at regular intervals. This will build your confidence and assure you that your partner isn’t judging you. Staring into your partner’s eyes also reflects that you’re in charge of the situation. Entertain them with dirty-dancing and lap dances. This will make the activity more fun.

There you have it, a perfect guide to stripping for your man and looking sexy while being at it!

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