A Guide To Get The Perfect Base Makeup For Oily Skin

A Guide To Get The Perfect Base Makeup For Oily Skin

It could be a challenge for people with oily skin to make their makeup stay longer. You are either always using blotting sheets or lots of translucent powder so that your face doesn’t become greasy. Well, what you can do to avoid this is invest in makeup that is meant for oily skin! As you have skincare routine for your skin type so do you have makeup depending on your concern.

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Wondering how to perfectly apply makeup on you skin? Read on while we tell you how you can do so without turning your face into a oil well.

1. Primer

Primer needs to be the base of every makeup regardless of your skin type. For oily skin target a primer that’ll help control the oil in your skin and at the same time cover your pores. Primer creates the perfect canvas to apply you makeup on.

2. Concealer

The best way to cover you blemishes, dark spots and scars is by dabbing concealer  on it. Any base makeup is incomplete without a concealer. The more products you layer up on your face the longer your makeup will stay.

3. Matte Foundation

For your skin type using a matte foundation is the best option. This type of foundation will blend effortlessly and plus won’t make your face look oily anytime soon. You can even opt for a powder based matte foundation, as the powder will give a long lasting finish to your makeup.

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4. Compact

Once you are done applying your base makeup its time that you seal it with a compact or with some translucent powder. This will give you an oil free finish and make your makeup last longer.

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