Guide To Eating Right: 5 Food Swaps For A Healthier You

Guide To Eating Right: 5 Food Swaps For A Healthier You

Each day, as a health devotee, you might make small changes in your lifestyle; leave that spoon of ghee out, pick the brown bread over the white one or avoid that chilled glass of sugar-laden caffeine drink. But, do you know what real experts say about the common food choices? Know about the top food swaps that will not only help you lose weight but make you fitter from the inside as well. Take a look.

Store-bought bread
Swap it with: Homemade, artisan bread

Ideally, you shouldn’t be consuming too much bread, but if you really want to relish some healthy loaves of bread, learn to bake them as mass-produced bread has ingredients you wouldn’t want to feed your body. “Seven grain or multigrain bread that’s been baked at home may not be as soft as the mass-produced breads, but it is definitely healthier and tastier,” says Mumbai-based clinical nutritionist, Kanchan Patwardhan. She further confirms that the breads sold at stores and that are produced in huge quantities have potassium glucomat, which can be carcinogenic. “If you can’t bake, try to replace it with roti,” adds Kanchan, who practices at Kanchans House of Health & Nutrition and Arogya Hospital, Thane. Scout for local bakers who have a passion for bread making, and can make some homemade loaves of bread for you.

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Swap it with: Dark chocolate 

We don’t need any occasion to open the box of candies, and often, many of us end up sharing the colourful candies with kids. Most candies are overloaded with sugar, artificial colours and flavours, which can spoil your bone health, teeth, and increase the sugar level in your body when highly consumed. This can further hinder your metabolism and boost calorie intake. “Choose dark chocolate over candies, as it contains powerful antioxidants and nutrients like magnesium, iron and copper,” says Delhi-based nutritionist and dietitian at FITPASS, Mehar Rajput. “Dark chocolate can keep depression at bay and lower the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases,” she adds.

Wheat flour
Swap it with: 
Sorghum flour

If you go by food history, sorghum is older than wheat. And its flour has much more benefits too. Top dieticians ask their clients (seeking weight loss) to consume sorghum rotis for two months, instead of the usual wheat rotis to shed those extra pounds. Also known as jowar, it’s filled with nutrients like iron and is gluten-free. Plus, sorghum is easy on the tummy. Need we say more?

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Packaged nuts
Swap it with: 
Raw and unsalted nuts

“Nuts release oil when roasted in high temperature, and this can go bad after some time. Also, the excess salt in packaged nuts can take a toll on your kidney and cause water retention while lower amount of salt flush your body’s toxins out,” says Kanchan. Research says one should consume only a handful of raw nuts on daily basis, and most of them (almond, raisin, apricot) need to be soaked overnight.

Swap it with: Veggie noodles


Throw away your process packets of pastas and noodles from the pantry, and say hello to the ever so colourful veggie noodles! All you need is a spiral vegetable slicer and some fresh vegetables. “Noodles are usually made with refined flour, and it hardly contains any fibre. Plus, it can also cause constipation and acidity,” says Kanchan. We say, spiral-cut your zucchinis, beetroots and carrots and make your make yourself some delicious veggie noodles. Staying healthy was never this cool!

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