5 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Guest Ready

If you take pride in organizing the perfect get-togethers, here are some tips to make your living room party-ready.

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Guest Ready

It’s likely that you can relate to Courtney Cox’s character Monica in iconic TV series Friends, especially when it comes to being the perfect host. You take pride in organizing the perfect get-togethers. Your home is a warm enclosure that marries fun with classy. However, how can you ensure your guests a view to remember? Here are five ways you can amp up the guest experience at your abode.

1) Comfortable seating


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When it’s a house full of friends and friends of friends, what you need is seating arrangement that is comfortable yet sassy. Invest in a striking settee apart from your regular couch and watch it revamp the living room space completely.

2) Good lighting


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Infuse the room with mood-defining lights. Highlight the areas you want to focus on with ceiling lamps, floor lamps and fairy lights.

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3) Music system in place

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For an outstanding guest entertainment, keep the volume up. Bring home a set of good speakers and place them strategically ensuring a good spread of music in the room.

4) Fancy serveware


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This one is no-brainer. Eccentric shot glasses, unique trays and vintage crockery can make any dish look delicious. Expect several tags on instagram!

5) Vintage decor pieces


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Don’t stock up your living room with products. Let a few standalone, vintage pieces make a statement.


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