Guess Who Got Evicted From Big Boss This Week!

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Guess Who Got Evicted From Big Boss This Week!

Yet another eviction has taken place in the Big Boss house and guess who is the victim this time. It is Arshi Khan! Nobody would have thought that it would be her as it was Luv Tyagi who seemed to be the one running out of time in the house.

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However, cards have turned and Tyagi has managed to gain himself a safe spot in the house. It’s goodbye for Arshi Khan! Most viewers must have been absolutely stunned to know the results of this week’s eviction but, what’s done is done. The competition must go on!

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The show is becoming increasingly interesting by the day as something new unfolds and a fresh controversy in the house creates buzz among the audience. Let’s see who’s going to be next in line to face the wrath of the house!

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