Go Exotic With Box Braids This Season

Braid With Love!

Go Exotic With Box Braids This Season

Braid it up or braid it down, Braid your hair all year around! Box braids are here and we are loving this hairstyle more than anything. It’s for curly hair and it can be for the straight haired, short or long hair, box braids will add that touch of glamour and style. Celebrities and models are wholeheartedly accepting these hairdos and we can see why. Sleek and stylish, box braids draw attention to your entire outfit with just one glance. Here are our favourite box braid styles!

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  • Box Braid Ponytail

Box Braid Ponytail

Easy-peasy, do simple box braids for a casual look. You can either dress it up into a ponytail or leave it loose.  A classic twist to the simple ponytail is to start off with a box braid on the roots till the ends of your hair. Now scrunch it up into a ponytail with a hair tie or scrunchie. Swing that hair like you just don’t care!

  • Side Swept Braids

Side Swept Braids

Braids are low maintenance, appealing and make you look more striking. Opting for side swept box braids is like picking out a combination of both style and comfort. Singer Jhené Aiko is often seen sporting these side swept braids for events.

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  • Space Bun Braids

Space Bun Braids

How about mixing two cool hairstyles? Try box braided space buns! These not only look trendy but are quick to work with. Simply do a bunch of braids, tie it into a bun at the top of your head for a cute look. The more the space buns, the cooler you look.

  • Glamour Box Braids

Glamour Box Braids

From metallic beads to glitter powder and even statement hair decorations, add in your own personalized touches. Box braids are a good way to highlight your hair along with your outfit. So pull up your sleeves, bring out your favourite accessories and get started on customising your braid.

  • Top Knot Braids

Top Knot Braids

If Beyoncé can rock this look, need we say more? Top knots are mess free and keep you cool. Formal or informal, top knot box braids work for both with all looks.

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