Give A Vintage Look To Your Home With Beautiful Accessories

Go vintage this season !

Give A Vintage Look To Your Home With Beautiful Accessories

Though the base of a house is formed with bricks and cement, it only turns to be home when you nurture it with your love, tenderness and care. We all love our homes because it is the only place that gives you the warmth, freedom to be yourself and expression of creativity.

We are in an age where people are attracted by the fanciness of modern, royal home. But if you are someone who loves the feel and touch of old chairs, the pleasant presence of a vintage lamp and the fragrance of wood, then we have got you covered. It’s time to move from the worries of our everyday and cuddle under the bed sheets within the comforts of our vintage home with the perfect accessories.

  1. Let there be light:


Chandeliers brighten your space with hope and positivity. Create a stunning centerpiece with the authentically reproduced chandeliers giving your hall a vintage look. Classic antique chandeliers are perfect mood-setters for any and every home.

  1. Seal the deal with wood:


False ceiling is so passé. Instead use wood palette ceiling which will give your room a beautiful, rustic feel. Also, it’s very cost-effective as the wood used is recycled.

  1. Set the trend with re-lamp:


Remember those “Gone with the Wind” lamps? It was really popular back then as antique lamps brought a vintage ambiance to any room. But why not push your creativity and find some inspiration from these lamps. Tip: Ensure that the electric lamps, or those that have been converted to electricity, have cords that are intact and safe.

  1. Mat on top:

table mat

Well, if you love dining in style, then we have got something really amazing for you. Would you buy contemporary copies, when you can have genuine vintagewares?Fabric table mats is a vital component to any vintage styled home as they are central to any meal time. Whether you opt for metal and cork backed 1950s mats, vintage mats are stunningly designed.

  1. Ace the Vase


If you love art, you will definitely understand the beauty of a vase and with gorgeous flowers in it, they are definitely a sight to pleasant to miss. An empty vase looks gorgeous, what a better way than to exhibit flowers’ beauty than to present them in a brilliantly decorated vase!

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