Get Priyanka Chopra’s Make-up Look!

P.S. We got the details straight from her makeup artist!

Get Priyanka Chopra’s Make-up Look!

Always wondered how the gorgeous Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra looks flawless on every red carpet, award function and movie premier?  And more recently, did you, noticed her minimalistic bridal makeup looks when she tied the knot to Nick Jonas in Udaipur? We absolutely loved it! So we had to know just how can we go glam the classy way this party season. Her makeup artist, Pati Dubroff revealed some makeup tips that she uses on PeeCee’s skin that is applicable to just about anyone!

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  • Before even touching any makeup, start by prepping your skin. Skin facials, face massagers or just a sheet mask can help your skin lift, rejuvenate and perk up just a bit more than before. It could take a while, but that time spent on your skin will be worth every makeup you put on later.
  • Then you use a moisturiser your face so that it hydrates and acts as a base that holds your makeup longer. Skincare is
  • Moving on to the makeup, start by controlling the oil on your face with a primer on all the right spots.
  • Next comes the foundation, which you need to blend. If you can, work with 2-3 different foundation shades to find the right color.
  • If need be, you can use a highlighter that empahises your cheekbones. Bronzing and contouring around the eyes with cream based products helps your face handle the brighter colors on your eyes and lips later on.
  • When working with your lips, fill the color deeply in the middle and pat or blend out the edges for a blurry lip effect. This makes your lips look fuller with the least efforts.
  • For the eye makeup, since its the party season, you can go for glittery shades of gold and bronze. They luckily go well with all color shades and all kinds of outfits. A classic smoky eye is also a good look if you want to keep things simple.

At the end of the day, bold eyes are perfect for bold lips, so don’t be shy. Work with what looks best for your face and features. Anything over the top can make you stand out too much in the wrong way. Makeup is meant to enhance your best features and if it’s not doing that, then don’t bother with it. Be the real you even under those layers!

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