How To Get That Natural Makeup Look!

How To Get That Natural Makeup Look!

Makeup comes in all right colors and contrast with your reason to get your makeup kit. Be it the dark red lips or eyebrows on fleek the looks of dazzle and daze are done with over the top finish.
But what about simple natural makeup looks. Your facial features are your muse to experiment and minimum makeup is definitely worth wearing. From nude shades, timid  blush to silent lip color,

Here are some beauty hacks you should try on to ace a minimum makeup looks for small occasions.

Even out skin and moisturize.

It is mandatory to level out and come clean to start with zero makeup. You can use a tinted lotion and go for a basic moisturizer to match with you skin tone.

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Use powder

Use an oil absorbing powder and rub it gently on your face to keep an undetectable veil of cover up for smooth new looking skin.

Pick a warm cheek color

You need to have a natural subtle blush on your cheekbones. Cream blushes, warm peaches, soft pink can be your top picks to get the look.

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Define your eyes and lips

The main deal is to choose a shade only slightly darker than your skin. A soft brownish tint to your eyes or just a light black stroke to the Inner corners of your eyes.


Go for the different shades of nude lipsticks that give you the power to complete the look with finesse. Use your fingertip rather than applying it directly from the stick.

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