How To Get Healthy Scalp And Hair Naturally

Get those beautiful and healthy hair with these amazing foods.

How To Get Healthy Scalp And Hair Naturally


It is not enough to just wash your hair frequently and nourish your hair externally. What you eat determines the quality of your mane and goes a long way in keeping your hair healthy and scalp- trouble free. Here’s a low down on hair-friendly foods.

1 Eggs: Hair is mainly made of keratin and protein, so a diet rich in protein is the fastest ticket to encourage hair growth and prevent hair loss. Eggs contain plenty of Vitamin B12 and proteins that penetrate deep into the root and hair follicles to repair and nourish your hair.

2 Beans: Bean sprouts contain silica, which is an important nutrient for hair and prevents hair loss. Your hair needs nutrients to form new cells. Silica can also be found in the skin of cucumbers, potatoes and red and green peppers.

3 Coriander: It works extremely well against hair fall and hair thinning problems. Coriander helps to clean the toxic elements from your body. Incidentally, these toxic elements prevent the nutrients from reaching the hair cells, thereby leading to dry hair.

4 Cottage cheese:  Include cottage cheese in your diet. Dairy products are a great source of calcium and protein.

5 Asparagus: Asparagus contains lot of folic acid, a kind of synthetic vitamin B which helps the body to absorb more proteins which make the hair grow faster. Also rich in Vitamin A, C and folic acid, Asparagus stimulates hair production and is a good source of silicon for healthy hair.

6 Flax seeds: Flax seeds not only contain high amount of iron but are also rich in omega 3s which support scalp health and encourage hair growth.

7 Oats: Oats are extremely beneficial to maintain the natural colour of your hair. They aid in creating melanin and can also prevent hair loss. They also contain minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron which boost hair growth.



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