How To Get Your Crush To Like You

Sure shot signs of winning over your crush!

How To Get Your Crush To Like You

Gone are the days when it was a solely a man’s responsibility to woo the opposite sex. With feminism on the rise, women have begun to compete shoulder-to-shoulder alongside men in every possible aspect. May it be professionally, socially or financially, women today reflect equal capabilities and potential. In that case, why lag behind when it comes to the aspect of making the first move? Buck up ladies, show your confidence and work your charm on that guy who makes you go weak in your knees every time you merely look at him or when he smiles at you. Here are a few pointers that would come handy in approaching a guy boldly without coming across as desperate or too intense.

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  • Keep your attitude easy-going and casual


Yes, we know that there are butterflies flying away to glory in your stomach at the mere thought of summoning the courage to utter a simple ‘hey’ but, you ought to maintain an easy-going attitude while approaching your guy. If you end up showing overt excitement or nervousness, it’s going to take him lesser than a minute to figure out about your interest in him and you’ll blow away your chance even before seizing it. Men are simple, we complicate them. How? By over-thinking! Feel like talking to him? Do it, like you would with any other friend of yours! Friendship is a pathway to building onto a further relationship. Ask him about his day and try to learn about his hobbies as well as dislikes. By doing this, you’d explore increased avenues of topics to discuss with him.

  • Avoid being clingy

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If you notice that the guy isn’t interested in having a conversation with you, end the conversation on a kind note and walk away with dignity. Clinging on and forcing him into a conversation will do nothing but leave you with lesser or no chances at having a shot with him. Nobody appreciates the company of a pile-on, do they? Instead, never approach him after the first time and you’ll see that he will begin to notice you more than he used to. Flash that pretty smile of yours every time you cross paths with him but refrain from talking. Enigma always works like magic on a guy. He will want to know you more and before you know it, he will strike a conversation with you.

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  • Compliment him


We all love compliments, don’t we? It’s a hoax that men don’t crave for compliments. Like women, men too enjoy a woman walk upto them and tell them how nice their tie is, or how good they look in a particular outfit. Moreover, men find bold women extremely appealing. If you find the courage to tell a guy that you find him very attractive or sexy, the guy is going to remember you as one of those few women who approached him. Confidence is indispensable in any matter. A confident woman is an unbeatable choice and it goes without saying that she will be paid more attention to than a woman who would shy away easily. Men do love the chase but an occasional hint from your end doesn’t hurt, does it, ladies? It will only act as a catalyst in taking the game one step further.

  • Reveal your feelings at the right time


Once you develop a friendly equation with the guy, don’t make it too late to reveal your feelings to him. However, don’t rush into it either. Give it time. Get him used to the habit of talking to you. After initiating the first few conversations, wait for him to start the next few. Now that you know him enough and can gauge his feelings, take the leap in accordance with his behavior towards you. If there is even an iota of a possibility of him having similar feelings for you, take the risk of confessing. Afterall, it’s better to do something and regret it than not do it and regret it. In our opinion, there should be no regret as you would be one of those rare women who would display sheer confidence and courage while approaching a guy and taking the first step.

  • Flirt your way through smartly


Flirting is healthy and can prove to be beneficial if done the right way. Constant flirting can come across as extremely tacky. Instead, drop hints through subtle ways of flirting. Guys get attracted to witty women. Crack sexual jokes without sounding too bizarre, be confident about your personality and flaunt your cleavage a little bit when you’re around him. Yes, it is absolutely okay to do so. Don’t you find a man’s carved-out chest desirable to an extent? Similarly, revealing a tad-bit of skin won’t cause any harm. It’s all a part of the game. Men do gravitate towards a woman’s body. You cannot deny the law of physical attraction. Now, that doesn’t mean you go all-out and dress explicitly. A finite show of skin never fails to gain you brownie points.

Lastly, you must remember that life may not always be fair. Not everyone you like is going to like you back. But hey, don’t lose hope even if rejected. As they say, it will happen when it has to! However, these pointers are definitely going to help you catch the attention of the guy you like. Whether the two of you end up together should be left upto destiny.

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