How To Get The Arty Look In Simple Ways

Glam that elegant arty look with these few fashion tips.

How To Get The Arty Look In Simple Ways


1 Neckpiece:

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Team up your sari with a chunky or antique silver statement neckpiece. You simply cannot go wrong with it.

2 Bindi:

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Opt for a plain bindi to get a very ethnic look. It is the best way to glam up that elegant look.

3 Earings:


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Traditional gold/silver earrings are always amazing to wear. You could also go for classic ear cuffs.

4 Nose pins:

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fashion tips

fashion tips

Alternatively, you could also opt for nose rings, maang tikkas and waist chains, if you don’t mind going the extra mile. However, keep in mind not to over-accessorise.

5 Clutch:

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fashion tips

fashion tips

Your sari look won’t be complete without a chic clutch. Look for some statement clutches with beads, sequins and other embellishments for a bling effect.


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