Fun Exercises To Get A Chiseled Face

Get rid of the double chin!

Fun Exercises To Get A Chiseled Face

Chubby cheeks are cute but a sharp jawline is sexy! Want that Angelina Jolie jawline? Here are five easy exercises to achieve a chiseled face. It goes without saying that a healthy diet is mandatory to shape up. It is absolutely easy to get rid of that unwanted double chin by practicing these easy and fun exercises everyday. They are as follows :-

  • Kiss

You need to pout and kiss, except that you don’t have a partner to do it with. Look up and kiss so that your double chin gets stretched enough and the fats there are burned. This way, you’re going to lose all that baby fat on your face and attain a strong jawline to flaunt! You need to do this for 5 minutes everyday with a 30 second gap after every 2 minutes.

  • Tongue To Nose

Practice exercising touching your tongue to your nose everyday. It’s going to flex your jaw muscles and help you shape your face. It’s difficult for some people to do this but by practicing everyday will ensure that you get to it in a week or two. Try holding your tongue out for a minute everyday.

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  • Jaw Circles

You need to bring your jaw out and start moving it in circles from left to right and vice-versa, switching after every two minutes. 4 sets with 20 reps is enough for a day.

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  • Chewing Gum

Yes, you heard it right! Chewing gum can help you tine your face because it exercises your jaw muscles, hence carving a sharp jawline for your face. Furthermore, you can rest assured of achieving contoured cheekbones as well!

  • Smile!

You can smile wide showing all your 32 teeth! Smile with all your heart and maintain it for atleast two minutes until your jaw starts paining. This will definitely aid in losing unnecessary fat and bidding goodbye to chubby cheeks. Don’t do this in public. You don’t want to look stupid, do you?

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