Friendship Day 2017: 6 Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Friendship lasts forever.

Friendship Day 2017: 6 Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Friendship Day is around the corner and you may not have gotten your beloved friend a gift yet. Fear not! Here are some thoughtful gifts you can give your friend that will cherish your friendship.



Everybody loves a fancy looking book and pen! Not only is it practical but also a very thoughtful gift. You can customise the cover based on your friend’s favourite colour and get their name printed on it! You can also write on the first page about how much you admire them, they will love you for it!

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Everyone loves a fresh set of flowers! Be it roses, orchids or tulips, a bouquet doesn’t fail to lighten up someone’s day. You can pair it with a box of chocolates or their favourite snack and it’ll be a very wholesome gift!

Soft Toy

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Since teddy bears are very cliché, give your friend a different type of stuffed toy. Maybe a character from a movie they like? Or their favourite animal? They’ll have a new friend to cuddle every night.

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Matching Jewellery


Nothing screams best friends like matching jewellery! Get a pair of matching necklaces or bracelets that are two halves of a whole to really cement your friendship.



Take your friendship to the next level with cute matching T-shirts to win the #Twinning game!



There’s nothing a good pout can’t fix! Give your best friend her favourite lipstick and watch her happiness double in front of your eyes.

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