Follow This Workout Regime To Lose Weight In A Month

Yes, it works!

Follow This Workout Regime To Lose Weight In A Month

Do you need to fit into an outfit for a function which is just a few months away? Do you need to shed those extra pounds in order to look sexy in a bikini on your beach trip which is just a few days away? No need to fret. Practice this workout which consists of 5 exercises and you’ll see the difference.

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  • Burpee


From a standing position go to a crouching one. Bend your knees and jump into a plank with your legs back and palms on the floor. Immediately get back to your feet and hump with your toes pointed down and fingers upwards. Start off with 20 reps and go on to do 40 reps gradually.

  • High-Knees Sprint


Stand in one place and run with your knees high. This exercise requires you to sprint in one place. It’ll burn your calories and tone your legs.

  • Plyo Push-Up


This needs you to do push-ups except that you need to balance yourself midway  as you’re supposed to take your hands off the ground and clap. Once clapped, you should get your palms back to the ground for support. It is difficult to do this unless you’re good at push-ups. Practice a rep of 20 in the beginning and move towards practicing 40 everyday gradually.

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  • Pilates Teaser

Teaser (1)

Lie on your back and extend your arms up in the air above your chest. Raise your legs as well as upper body and form a V-shape where your legs are parallel to your arms. Pause for a second and bring your back as well as legs back to rest on the ground. Practice 30 reps of this everyday.

  • Jogging


Jog for half an hour covering a distance of 2 kilometers. This is a good cardio exercise. It will also help your burn your calories.

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Practice the mentioned exercises everyday to not only lose weight but achieve a toned body. Eat healthy and you’re sure to slim down in a month!


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